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When to adjust the ATV carburetor?

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You might think "ATV carburetor" is a rather strange word but it is a chemical term that means increasing the concentration of gases by combining them with carbon or hydrocarbons. Therefore, technically speaking, ATV carburetor is a device that saturates air with fuel. We should know something about when to adjust it.

  • When to adjust the ATV carburetor?

  • How to clean the ATV carburetor?

  • What should we notice when disassembling and assembling the ATV carburetor?

When to adjust the ATV carburetor?

Generally speaking, if the exhaust pipe emits black smoke or the speed of ATV carburetor is unstable. In addition, if the filler valve is not smooth and the transition is poor, then it is time for us to adjust or clean the ATV carburetor. Of course, after some maintenance of the vehicle, it is also necessary to readjust the ATV carburetor and then readjust the idle speed. If the air filter element is too dirty, we'd better adjust it after cleaning the filter element to make the ATV carburetor work better. If it is in winter, some manufacturers will adjust ATV carburetor, so that the vehicle is relatively easy to start. Some friends like to achieve the purpose of fuel saving by adjusting the position of the oil needle snap ring, which will make the vehicle harder to start.

How to clean the ATV carburetor?

The parts of ATV carburetor must be thoroughly cleaned. Generally it is cleaned with ATV carburetor cleaning agent or it can also be replaced by alcohol or gasoline. After disassembling the ATV carburetor, the measuring hole and needle valve parts should be soaked in clean gasoline or alcohol for 3-4 hours, and then cleaned with a soft brush. Pay attention to avoid collision between parts during cleaning, and do not use washing tools made of metal or metal wire. After cleaning, dry with compressed air to completely remove the dirt and colloid in the measuring hole, nozzle and oil passage. The surface of the cleaned ATV carburetor shall be in metal, and there shall be no dust attached to the measuring hole. Other parts of the ATV carburetor can be cleaned directly in clean gasoline. When cleaning shell parts, the outer surface can be brushed first, and then the inner surface. It is forbidden to wash with dirty gasoline to prevent matters from entering the oil passage.

What should we notice when disassembling and assembling the ATV carburetor?

Do not damage the small parts of the ATV carburetor, such as measuring hole, spring, steel ball, ejector rod and gasket. If there is any defect, we need to replace or repair them, or it will result in significant circumstances. During assembly, the small parts such as measuring cylinder, spring shall not be wrongly installed or omitted. All fasteners and sealing parts shall be tightened to ensure reliable sealing. During Disassembling, we should remove the ATV carburetor from the vehicle and clean the outside. Remove the upper and middle body gaskets, the oil inlet needle valve and other parts. Pour the gasoline in the float chamber into the container. Remove the accelerator pump and the mechanical enrichment push rod. If it is necessary, remove gasoline orifice, pipe and enrichment valve. Clean all parts, measuring holes, oil passages and air passages with cleaning agent. Check whether the needle valve can be closed tightly and whether the float is broken. In addition, we should ensure the acceleration pump piston and pump barrel are sealed and flexible.

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