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How to synchronize the ATV carburetor?

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Once we know the basic principle of synchronizing ATV carburetor, the process will be relatively easier. In a dual carburetor engine, both must be set to the same specification and must be turned on at the same rate. If one ATV carburetor opens faster than the other, the engine may have insufficient power.

  • How to prolong the service life of the ATV carburetor?

  • How to synchronize the ATV carburetor?

  • How to rebuild ATV carburetor?

How to prolong the service life of the ATV carburetor?

A correct way to maintain and use the ATV carburetor can help prolong the lifespan of it. Generally it is maintained with special ATV carburetor agent. After disassembling the carburetor, the measuring hole and needle valve parts should be soaked in clean gasoline or alcohol for 3-4 hours, and then cleaned with a soft brush. Pay attention to avoid collision between parts during cleaning, and do not use washing tools made of metal or metal wire. After cleaning, dry with compressed air to completely remove the dirt and colloid in the measuring hole, nozzle and oil passage. The surface of the cleaned ATV carburetor shall be in metal, and there shall be no dust attached to the measuring hole. Other parts of the ATV carburetor can be cleaned directly in clean gasoline. When cleaning shell parts, the outer surface can be brushed first, and then the inner surface. It is forbidden to wash with dirty gasoline to prevent matters from entering the oil passage. Following the above procedures can help prolong the service life of ATV carburetor.

How to synchronize the ATV carburetor?

Remove one or more air filters and set them aside. Start the engine and bring it to normal operating temperature. Spray starting fluid around the ATV carburetor base and check whether there is vacuum in it. When the oil is injected, if the engine changes its speed, it indicates that there is a vacuum leak. Repair all of them before synchronizing them. Turn off the engine and disconnect the ATV carburetor linkage. Move the synchronizer to another one and place it on the air inlet. Move the synchronizer back and forth between the two ATV carburetors and adjust each until the reading of the float ball on each one is exactly the same. Reduce the idle speed of the engine by lowering the higher of the two ATV carburetors to match the lower one. Reconnect the throttle linkage when the engine is still running. Loosen the lock nut on the throttle linkage ball joint. Turn the connecting rod inward or outward until the ball end is installed into the throttle lever of each carburetor without binding or changing the idle speed. Adjust both ends of the connecting rod and tighten the throttle connecting rod lock nut and the throttle to carburetor connecting rod nut. The throttle linkage must have a drag free sliding fit with the carburetor throttle arm. Retest the carburetor with the synchronizer. The reading should not change after the linkage is installed.

How to rebuild ATV carburetor?

Remove the ATV carburetor and place it on the table. Make sure the workplace is well ventilated as it may emit smoke which makes you dizzy. Read the instructions outlined on the rebuild ATV carburetor Kit. Make sure you buy the right kit for your device as different types have different kits. Release the throttle pump and remove the cover. At the same time, remove the choke, all screws. Wipe all parts before assembling. Wash all parts with water and dry them thoroughly. Wet parts will damage the ATV carburetor. Hook the pump back to the ATV carburetor body and connect all parts. Replace the carburetor and start the engine.

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