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What is the working principle of Honda carburetor?

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Honda carburetor is the core component of the fuel supply system of micro cultivator. The function of Honda carburetor is to atomize the fuel into fine particles, and mix the fuel and air in an appropriate proportion to form a good mixture and supply it to the engine. Theoretically, the amount of air required to completely burn 1kg of gasoline in the standard state is 15kg.

  • What is the working principle of Honda carburetor?

  • How does Honda carburetor burn fuel?

  • How to align Honda carburetor?

What is the working principle of Honda carburetor?

The working principle of Honda carburetor is Bernoulli principle. According to Bernoulli's principle, as the air flows faster, Honda carburetor dynamic pressure increases while static pressure decreases. The throttle linkage cannot directly regulate the flow of liquid fuel.

However, the throttle linkage activates the Honda carburetor mechanism to measure the air flow to the engine. The speed and static pressure of this air flow help to determine the amount of fuel absorbed by the air flow.

When the Honda carburetor is installed on an aircraft equipped with reciprocating engine, special structure and function are required to avoid fuel shortage during reverse flight. Over time, the engine began to use an old type of fuel injection called pressure carburetor.

The Honda carburetor based on Bernoulli's principle has one disadvantage, that is, in this Honda carburetor, the venturi pressure drop is directly proportional to the square of the inlet speed. The liquid fuel flow is usually proportional to the pressure difference because the fuel jet is much smaller and the fuel flow is controlled by the viscosity of the fuel.

How does Honda carburetor burn fuel?

First, the Honda carburetor absorbs air from the atmosphere. When air enters the Honda carburetor, the fuel pump injects fuel into the float chamber or fuel storage chamber.

The mixing chamber takes out the fuel from the float chamber to form a fuel air mixture. The Honda carburetor sends this fuel air mixture into the combustion chamber or compression chamber of the engine.  

The combustion chamber has a reciprocating piston. When the air-fuel mixture enters the chamber, the piston compresses it to the required pressure and temperature.

When the mixture is compressed as required, the spark plug will produce a spark and ignite the air-fuel mixture.

Due to air-fuel combustion, the power generated is used to move the piston downward. This downward movement of the piston further moves the crankshaft and crankcase. The crankshaft transmits its motion to the flywheel, which moves the wheels.

How to align Honda carburetor?

Idle speed debugging of Honda carburetor is mainly to realize the proportional mixing of air and fuel for the engine by adjusting the idle speed adjusting screw and air adjusting screw. Turn the screw clockwise until it feels slightly to the bottom, and then turn the screw counterclockwise for 1.5 turns.

By the commissioning of the main oil needle, the air-fuel ratio of the medium speed main oil supply system can be changed. Reducing the position of the oil needle can reduce the fuel injection cross-sectional area to get a lean combustible mixture. Raise the position of the oil needle and keep the oil needle away from the main nozzle to obtain a dense combustible mixture. Loosen the clip at the upper end of the oil needle and move the oil needle up and down as required. There is an annular groove for positioning on the oil needle, which generally has five grids from top to bottom. The thinnest mixture can be obtained by clamping the clamp in the top annular groove. Stuck in the lowest annular groove, and the densest mixture can be obtained.

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