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What are the advantages of Honda carburetor?

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The engine is the most important part of the vehicle. The amount of air and fuel needed by the engine varies according to the vehicle model and operating speed. Honda carburetor is a device that provides a mixture of air and fuel to a spark ignition engine.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of Honda carburetor?

  • Where can Honda carburetor be used?

  • How about the market of Honda carburetor?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Honda carburetor?

The advantages of Honda carburetor are as follows:

l The cost of Honda carburetor is lower than that of fuel injection system.

l Honda carburetor requires lower maintenance costs.  

l Honda carburetor has higher accuracy and power than fuel injector.

l These systems of Honda carburetor require low maintenance and repair.

l Motorcycles with Honda carburetor cost less than fuel injection motorcycles.

l A well-maintained Honda carburetor has a long service life.

The following is the disadvantages of Honda carburetor:

l Honda carburetor consumes more fuel than the fuel injector.

l Motorcycles equipped with Honda carburetors have a high emission rate.

l Honda carburetor is not as environmentally friendly as fuel injectors.

l Honda carburetors are old-fashioned equipment.

l In winter, vehicles with Honda carburetor are difficult to start.

Where can Honda carburetor be used?

Carburetor is still the most commonly used device in light aircraft, which is used to atomize and mix the fuel and air required for combustion. The alternative is a fuel injection system. The fuel injection engine uses a pump and a fuel distribution system to inject fuel directly into the sensing system through a set of injectors. Honda carburetor is largely replaced by fuel injection in the automotive industry that is mostly used in the motorbike.

In the application of automobile carburetor, some fuel will stick on the throttle and manifold wall of Honda carburetor, which is very unfavorable to the accurate control of fuel. Moreover, the pure physical principle has high requirements for air temperature and other conditions. When the temperature is low, it will seriously affect the mixing of fuel and air. That is why previous cars need to warm up for a long time when starting in winter.

How about the market of Honda carburetor?

Honda carburetor cars still occupy a certain share in the market, but it is not very large. It should be that the Honda carburetor era has passed for a long time, and most of them are approaching the scrapping period. In addition to the current economic situation and the automobile policy announced some time ago, Honda carburetor cars should be yellow standard cars. Honda carburetor cars will soon disappear or be treasured.  

Due to the high-speed flow of air in the intake pipe, the air pressure decreases so as to suck out the fuel in the pipe. The faster the air flow rate is, the lower the air pressure will be and the more fuel will be sucked out. It can be said that Honda carburetor is a simple and reliable device relying solely on physical principles, and the cost is low. However, Honda carburetors have been replaced by EFI technology in automobiles and high-end motorcycles,

Therefore, by the end of the 1990s, Honda carburetor was almost banned by the state, and now it has been completely eliminated.

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