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Should I buy Mikuni carburetor?

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If you've never seen or heard of a carburetor, and this is your first time touching it, you might think it's some complicated part inside a motorcycle engine. But honestly, it's not complicated at all. Do you know how a motorcycle carburetor works? What is good about Mikuni carburetor?

  • How does the Mikuni carburetor work?

  • What are the advantages of the Mikuni carburetor?

  • Do motorcycle carburetors have disadvantages?

How does the Mikuni carburetor work?

1.      A motorcycle carburetor is a device (source) for mixing air and fuel for an internal combustion engine. Carburetors rely on differences in atmospheric pressure to aid in their task of mixing air with fuel. Motorcycle carburetors are no exception. As the engine piston rises, it frees up space in the cylinder, creating a lower pressure environment. The higher pressure in the outside air forces air into the carburetor, which then pumps fresh air into the combustion chamber to mix with the gas.

2.      Unlike carburetors in cars, motorcycle carburetors are controlled by throttle position. Whereas car carburetors will adjust according to engine speed, motorcycle carburetors rely on a number of different systems to adjust air flow into the engine. The system running at top throttle speed is called the main injection. It's essentially an open passage that allows air to be sucked in very quickly, with almost no bottlenecks. The injection needle is inserted into the main nozzle. As the throttle gets higher, the jet pin slowly moves away, opening more and more air passages into the carburetor. The channel is fully open at full throttle and becomes the main nozzle. Igniter ejectors and spool valves are separate systems that regulate airflow through much smaller holes when the motorcycle is traveling at lower speeds, usually from idle to quarter throttle.

What are the advantages of the Mikuni carburetor?

1.      It's easy to repair and sometimes doesn't require a skilled mechanic to fix the problem, but can be done in your garage

2.      Most of the time, no software or computer is needed to make adjustments

3.      It can operate without pressurized fuel lines

Do motorcycle carburetors have disadvantages?

1.      It is less efficient than fuel injection and is most noticeable when you slow down or the engine is cold

2.      If you haven't ridden a bike in a long time, you might be a little picky

3.      Multi-carburetor multi-cylinder motorcycle needs synchronization to work normally; If they are not synchronized, their functionality may be difficult

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