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Honda XR80 XR80R XR 80 80R Motorcycle Dirt Bike Carburetor

Type : Carburetor

Package : 20PCS/ Carton

Material : Aluminum Alloy

  • RB-014 Long Handle

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RB-014 长柄

Inner Diameter (Manifold Side): 19MM

Bolt Center Hole Distance (Manifold Side): 48MM

Inner Diameter (Air Purifier Side): 30MM
Outlet Diameter (Air Purifier Side): 34MM

Note:The size of this carburetor is measured manually, please forgive me if there is a little error. The error of our carburetor is controlled within the range, and it can be installed and used normally.


1. High quality: Selected materials are used, and after many strict inspections, the quality of the product is guaranteed to be stable and reliable.

2. Innovative design: The product adopts an innovative design concept combined with humanized operation to make the user's experience more comfortable.

3. Performance control: All components are made of special alloy materials, which are anti-interference, high-pressure and high-temperature resistant.


The honda xr80r carburetor has the advantages of compact structure, stable performance, small size, convenient use, long service life, and authentic price.

honda xr80 Carburetors are often used in motorcycles, and carburetors are the most common in motorcycles, such as Honda, which generally use carburetors.

Because although the electric fuel injection is fuel-efficient, the power is still slightly inferior to that of the carburetor. Moreover, motorcycles generally have very low fuel consumption, and saving fuel consumption does not have much effect.

Secondly, the xr80r carburetor has the effect of atomizing the fuel, which can improve the working efficiency of the engine. Moreover, the carburetor has a simple structure and is easy to maintain, and can be repaired by a car dealer.

Replacement Part #


Suitable For Model

For Many Honda 4 Stroke ATVs, Motorcycles, Dirt/Pit Bikes, 3 Wheelers.

For Honda XL75 1977-1979 

For Honda XR75 XR75R 1973-1978 

For Honda CR75 CR80 1996-2002 

For Honda XR80 XR80R 1979-2004 

For Honda CRF80 CRF80F 2004-2009,2011-2013

For Honda CRF50 2004-2009,2011-2012

For Honda XR50R 2000-2001,2004

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