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Honda CL175 CB200 CL200 CB200T Twin Motorcycle Carburetor

Type :  Carburetor                                                

Package : 20 PCS/ Carton                       

Materaial:Aluminum Alloy

  • RB-106/107

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CB200T Carburetor

This is a Siamese Dual Carburetor, we usually sell it together, but it can also be sold separately.

Intake Side Inner Diameter : 22MM

Bolt Hole Center Distance : 48MM

Air Filter Side Inner Diameter : 34MM

Air Filter Side Outer Diameter : 38MM


Introducing the Honda CB200 Carburetor - a game-changer for your Honda vehicle! This innovative carburetor is designed with a seamless construction, featuring two carburetors that are split into left and right versions. Together, these carburetors work in perfect harmony, significantly boosting efficiency and optimizing fuel circulation.

With the Honda CB200T Carburetor, you can expect enhanced performance and improved fuel economy. Its dual carburetor system ensures that your vehicle operates at its peak, delivering a smoother and more powerful ride. Whether you're cruising down the highway or navigating through city streets, this carburetor will elevate your driving experience.

Not only does the CB200T Carburetor offer exceptional functionality, but it is also compatible with a wide range of Honda models manufactured between 1969 and 1976. This means that regardless of the specific year or model of your Honda vehicle, you can trust that this CB200 carburetor will seamlessly integrate and deliver outstanding results.

Upgrade your Honda's performance today with the Honda CL200 Carburetor. Experience the difference in efficiency, power, and overall driving pleasure. Don't miss out on this opportunity to optimize your vehicle's potential. Order yours now and take your Honda to new heights.


Match the original car according to the original car, the installation is simple and durable.

Increasing atomization and full combustion makes cars more easy to start and more stable.

High precision design meets the engine's precise requirements to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Promote smooth operation of engine and balance fuel transport, reduce fuel consumption and improve power.

Compatible Model

For Honda CL175 SCRAMBLER 1970
For Honda CL175 SCRAMBLER 1971
For Honda CL175 SCRAMBLER 1972
For Honda CL175 SCRAMBLER 1973
For Honda SL175 MOTOSPORT 1970
For Honda SL175K1 MOTOSPORT 1971

For Honda CB175 1969
For Honda CB175 1970
For Honda CB175 1971
For Honda CB175 1972
For Honda CB175 1973

For Honda CB200 1974

For Honda CB200 1975

For Honda CB200 1976

For Honda CB200T 1974

For Honda CB200T 1975

For Honda CB200T 1976

For Honda CL200 1974

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