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Yeson Delphi Motorcycle Idle Speed Motor Air Control Valve

Type  :  Idle Speed Motor
Material  :  Aluminum
Net Weight  :  0.0962KG
OEM  :  Logo .Pattern .Letter
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The Yeson idle speed motor is mainly used to bear the idle speed of the motorcycle engine. The principle is to adjust the idle speed according to the engine load at idle speed. The delphi idle speed motor is installed on the throttle body, and is used by the engine controller to control the idle speed of the engine to adjust the state of the engine. When the engine speed deviates from idle speed, it is adjusted by the throttle valve, which controls the amount of air entering the intake manifold and is mechanically operated by the accelerator pedal wire rope.delphi Idle Air Control Valve play an important role in work.


OE Number  : 26178

Include  :  Stepper Motor + Gasket

Warranty  : 3 Months

Gross Weight  : 0.11KG

Package Style  : 100Pcs / Carton

Fit For  :  Yeson Delphi EFI Motorcycle 125CC 150CC 200CC

RB-MT0005怠速马达 尺寸RB-MT0005怠速马达 (2)RB-MT0005怠速马达 (4)RB-MT0005怠速马达 (3)


1. Our idle motor automatic performance can accurately adjust the air flow and output the signal.

2. After the Yeson idle air controle valve starts to work, it will be input to the ECU immediately.

3. The idle speed motors we produce are suitable for throttle valves of various EFI motorcycle.

4. The interface of the Delphi idle speed motor is tested by the machine, and there is no quality problem.


Q1. What is the minimum order quantity of idle motor?

Our minimum order requirement for customers is 20 PCS.

Q2. How do you transport your idle motors?

Air, sea and land, and we will choose the best one according to the country.

Q3.Do you have any direct stores overseas?

We don't have that yet. We're working on that.

Q4. What kind of throttle motors do you have?

We support most 125CC 150CC and 200CC motorcycles.

Q5. In terms of price what is the price of idle motors?

Our price is $8 to $10 a piece.

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