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Yamaha 18D-H5885-00 YBR125 XTZ125 Throttle Position Sensor

Type :   Throttle Position Sensor                             

Package : 100PCS/ Carton

Material : Plastic(ABS)

  • RB-TPS005

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Replacement Number







Introducing the YBR125 Motorcycle Throttle Position Sensor, a cutting-edge device designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of your EFI motorcycle's engine.

With its advanced technology, this XTZ125 Motorcycle Throttle Position Sensor allows your vehicle management system to accurately monitor the intake volume of the engine and promptly adjust it to an optimal air-fuel ratio. This ensures the smooth operation and optimal performance of your engine, guaranteeing a superior riding experience.

The EXCITER 135 Motorcycle Throttle Position Sensor 18D-H5885-00 is capable of detecting whether the engine is in idle condition or under load, whether it is in an acceleration or deceleration mode. This information is crucial for maintaining the engine's stability and optimizing its performance in different driving conditions.

Crafted with precision and engineered to perfection, this Factor 125 throttle position sensor is a reliable and durable component for your motorcycle. Its professional-grade construction ensures long-lasting performance, providing you with peace of mind on every ride.

Upgrade your motorcycle's engine management system with the YBR 125 Throttle Position Sensor and experience the perfect balance of power, efficiency, and performance. Trust in this exceptional device to deliver accurate readings and facilitate seamless adjustments, allowing you to unleash the true potential of your motorcycle.

Compatible With

2009 XTZ125 - XTZ125K/E/XE/XK Carburetor

2012 YFZ450 - YFZ45BB Carburetor

2012 YFZ450 - YFZ45BW Carburetor

2013 YFZ450 - YFZ45DB Carburetor

2013 YFZ450 - YFZ45DW Carburetor

2009-2015 FACTOR 125 K YBR 

2009-2015 FACTOR 125 E YBR 

2009-2015 FACTOR 125 ED YBR

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