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Why do people need motorcycle sensor?

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Motorcycle throttle position sensor plays an important role in the normal use of motorcycle. Why is a throttle sensor essential? How do motorcycle sensors work?

  • What are the components of the throttle position sensor?

  • How does the throttle position sensor work?

  • What is the function of motorcycle sensor?

What are the components of the throttle position sensor?

The throttle position sensor has two main parts, a moving contact also known as the wiper and the surface along which it moves. This surface has a conductive substrate covered with a variable resistance coating that is applied in a linear decreasing fashion from high resistance to low resistance as a closed throttle point to the low point where the throttle is fully open. As the throttle opens, the wiper moves along the coating and sends a signal to the ECM. When the voltage is on, when the throttle is on, the voltage goes up, it's still less than 1 volt, up to 5 volts.

How does the throttle position sensor work?

1.      The throttle position sensor is basically a sliding varistor. When stepping on the accelerator, idle signal line is disconnected, sliding varistor also rotates, computer detects voltage value, compares the obtained data, analyzes and controls the basic fuel injection amount.

2.      The throttle Angle position sensor has two variable resistors that feed back to the system. The resistance of one of the electronic throttles increases linearly, and the resistance of the electronic throttle decreases. The voltage signal generated (throttle position information) is transmitted to the engine control unit to reflect the throttle opening changes and the opening for information processing and throttle control, which can be fed back to the engine control unit. Throttle position information. The control unit forms a closed loop control. Therefore, when the control unit passes instructions to the regulating motor. According to the information feedback of the sensor, the motor correctly rotates the throttle, so that the valve rotates. Two sensors for accuracy and standby.

What is the function of motorcycle sensor?

The throttle position sensor is also called the throttle opening sensor or throttle switch. Its main function is to detect the engine in idle state or load state. It's an acceleration and a reduction. It is essentially a variable resistor and several switches, mounted on the throttle, with two contacts: full open contact and idle contact. When the throttle is in idle position, idle contact is closed and idle working signal is output to the computer. When the throttle in other positions, idle contact open, output voltage signal relative to the throttle in different corners, according to the signal voltage value to identify the load of the engine; The amount of change in signal voltage that increases over a certain period of time is the change in acceleration of operating conditions or deceleration. According to the operation information, the computer corrects the fuel quantity or controls the oil.

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