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What is the structure of motorcycle sensors?

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Motorcycle has become normal in our daily life. But many people still don’t know the structure of it. Understanding some knowledge about this does help in assembling and dissembling the parts.

  • What is the effect of motorcycle sensors?

  • What may cause damage to motorcycle sensors?

  • What is the structure of motorcycle sensors?

What is the effect of motorcycle sensors?

Motorcycle sensor is to measure the oxygen content in the exhaust gas and determine whether the mixture burns completely and whether the air-fuel ratio is normal. When the actual air-fuel ratio becomes higher, the oxygen concentration in the exhaust will increase. At this time, the motorcycle sensor will increase the quantity of fuel injection. When the air-fuel ratio is lower, the oxygen concentration in the exhaust decreases, and the oxygen sensor will accurately control the emissions of compounds in the exhaust through feedback the results to the ECU. It can also make up for the error of air-fuel ratio caused by other parts of the system, so it is an important sensor.

What may cause damage to motorcycle sensors?

The fault of motorcycle sensors will make engine of motorcycle cannot be started. When checking the engine condition, it is found that the real reason why the engine cannot be started is that the ignition is too late. As the sensor cannot send signals to the system immediately. The motorcycle sensor at crankshaft position sensor is a device used to control the sequential fuel injection and time of ignition. If the transmission signal is not within the normal range, it will cause failure in the engine. Also, poor acceleration of the engine may cause fault of motorcycle sensor and automatic flameout will occur when starting. If the ignition system works poorly, it will result in weak high-pressure fire. Sometimes even high-voltage electric spark will appear.

What is the structure of motorcycle sensors?

The rotating shaft of the motorcycle sensors is connected with the throttle body. It has two contacts: full open contact and idle contact. When the throttle body is in the idle position, the idle contact is closed. Otherwise, the idle contact will be open. Judging the voltage value of the signal, the computer can identify the load of the engine. According to the change rate of signal voltage in a certain period of time, it can also identify whether it is accelerating or decelerating. Then the quantity of fuel injection can be put within a limited range and the fuel cut-off can be put under control according to the information.

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