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Throttle Position Sensor TPS F01R064915 For BYD ChangAn Wuling Chery

Type  :  Throttle Position Sensor
Material  :  Plastic (ABS)
Color  :  Black , Green
OEM  :  Logo.Pattern.Letter
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F01R064915 throttle position sensor is a product suitable for motorcycles and cars. For motorcycles, it is suitable for installation on the throttle body of a delphi motorcycle. But for cars, it is more installed on BYD, Changan, Wuling, Chery and Hafei. This also means that this sensor can be applied to models in various fields and operate normally. Therefore, the F01R064915 throttle position sensor has different OE numbers for different models.


Include  : One Throttle Position Sensor + Green Gasket

Manufacturer Part Number : F01R064915 1336385 8857195 0280122019 0280122001 0280122020 480EE1008051 471Q1L1107800

Matching models : BYD/ChangAn/Wuling/Chery/Hafei/The Great Wall


F3 2010-2019
F3R 2010-2014
F6 2008-2012
G3 2010-2015
G3R 2011-2014
G6 2011-2018
L3 2010-2017
M6 2010-2016
S6 2011-2017
HQ SRV 2005-2019

F01R064915 (4)F01R064915 (1)F01R064915 (5)F01R064915 (2)


1. BYD throttle position sensor provides one-year warranty service.

2. Changan throttle position sensor direct after-sales service.

3.Wuling throttle position sensor is packaged with the most environmentally friendly materials.

4. The style of the outer packaging of the Chery throttle position sensor can be selected by the customer.


Q1. Differences between your company's F01R064915 sensors.

As our main product, quality is the top priority.

Q2. Are all your materials produced with ABS?

We have common materials and ABS products of the same type.

Q3. Do you have any other throttle position sensors for BYD?

We also have several models suitable for BYD models.

Q4. Please give me your company's contact information.

Customers can contact us directly through the contact information of the platform, and we will reply in time.

Wenzhou Runtong Motor Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd. is a company integrating production, processing and foreign trade.
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