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Throttle Position Sensor 18D-H5885-00 For XTZ 125 YBR 125

Type : Throttle Position Sensor(TPS)
Material : ABS
Number : RB-TPS005
OEM : Logo . Pattern.Letter
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XTZ 125 Throttle Position Sensor is a sensor installed on the throttle position of Yamaha motorcycle engine. Start the engine and transmit it to the YBR 125 Throttle Position Sensor through the electronic unit, and then output the ECU through the sensor, so that the engine enters the working state. The sensors produced by our company are second to none in the same industry in terms of performance and efficiency. We can also provide customers with the best price while ensuring the quality of materials.


Compatible with OE number : CP01A-0000529 90224550 1PD-85885-00 18D-H5885-00

Fit For (Model) : Yamaha Factor 125 XTZ 125 K/E/XE/XK YBR 125 YFZ450,Suzuki INTRUDER 125

Direction of operation :  (Clockwise)

TPS005 方向TPS005 (7)TPS005 (1)TPS005 (3)


1. For 18D-H5885-00 Throttle Position Sensor, we can accept customers to buy only one.

2.1PD-85885-00 Throttle Position Sensor We use the best materials to increase the service life of the product.

3. XTZ125 Throttle Position Sensor can be packaged in bags or boxes.

4. YBR125 Throttle Position Sensor Our company supports customized service requirements.


1.90224550 Throttle Position Sensor purchase process includes pre-sales and after-sales service.

2. Our technicians can provide customers with the most professional product analysis.

3. Our products have never had any quality problems so far.

4. Our products are unanimously approved by customers after receiving them.

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