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Suzuki Outboard DF40 DF50 DF140 DF150 Camshaft Position Sensor

Type : Camshaft Position Sensor
Material : Plastic (ABS)
Sensitivity : Standard
  • RB-CP002

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Sensor parameters

DF40 Camshaft Sensor

Sensor Length:54.5MM

Sensor Inner Diameter:16MM

Jack Height:13.5MM

Jack Width:24MM


Introducing our professional-grade df40 Camshaft Position Sensor, a vital component for precision engine control. This sensor is expertly designed to be installed on the camshaft end cover, enabling it to accurately collect the position signal of the intake camshaft. By seamlessly relaying this information to the Engine Control Unit (ECU), our df50 Camshaft Position Sensor allows for the identification of the cylinder's compression top dead center. This, in turn, facilitates sequential fuel injection control, ignition timing control, and detonation control. Trust in our reliable and efficient Camshaft Position Sensor to optimize your engine's performance and ensure smooth operation.

The sensor is manufactured by using the Hall principle in which the Hall voltage is affected by the changing magnetic field induction intensity. When a current IS passes half When conducting a thin sheet, a Hall voltage UH will be generated in the right-hand direction of the current, and its value is related to the magnetic field induction B (perpendicular to the current IS) and the electric current The flow is proportional to IS. The Hall voltage is affected by the changing magnetic induction B.

Replacement OEM Number







Compatible With Model

For Suzuki Outboard Motor DF40 1999, 2001-2010

For Suzuki Outboard Motor DF50 1999, 2001-2006

For Suzuki Outboard Motor DF100 2009-2010

For Suzuki Outboard Motor DF115 2001-2010

For Suzuki Outboard Motor DF140 2002-2010

For Suzuki Outboard Motor DF150 2006-2007

For Suzuki Outboard Motor DF175 2006-2007

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