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PD18J GY6 49cc 50cc 139QMB 4 Stroke Scooter Moped Carburettor

Brand : Runtong
Type : Carburettor
Fuel Type : Gasoline
Exterior Finish : Machined
Material : Aluminum Alloy
  • RB-002

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Intake Manifold side: 18mm (lnner diameter)

Intake Manifold side: 28mm (Outer Diameter)

Air Filter Intake: 35mm (Inner diameter)

Air Filter Intake:39mm (Outer Diameter)

Electric Choke (plug style): 2-pin, male;Accelerator Pump

GY6 139QMB Carburettor


Introducing the GY6 139QMB Carburettor! This bad boy is the perfect fit for all your Chinese-made 4-stroke 139QMB 50CC, 60CC, and 80CC scooters and ATVs. We're talking about JONWAY, JMSTAR, ROKETA, SUNL, TANK, PEACE, TAOTAO, Dongfang, Kazuma, JCL, and BMS - they all want a piece of this carburettor action!

But wait, there's more! Our GY6 50CC Carburettor comes equipped with a mighty #75 main jet, ensuring a fuel-to-air ratio that's so good, it'll make your engine purr like a contented kitty. Say goodbye to sputtering and hello to smooth, uninterrupted rides. This carburettor is here to take your scooter or ATV to the next level of performance.

So, if you're tired of sluggish starts and lackluster acceleration, it's time to upgrade to the GY6 139QMB Carburettor. Trust us, your ride will thank you with every twist of the throttle. Get ready to leave your friends in the dust and have the time of your life on the road. Don't wait, grab yours now and experience the power of the GY6 139QMB Carburettor today!

Feature Of Product

GY6 50CC Carburetor Adopt selected aluminum alloy as raw material, high quality and durable.

GY6 50CC Carburetor The factory adjusts the air mix ratio to be more fuel efficient.

GY6 50CC Carburetor Simple installation, no debugging.

GY6 50CC Carburetor is good at mixing fuel and air,keep engine running smoothly.

GY6 50CC Scooter Carburetor upgraded jets for better starting, idling and performance.

GY6 50cc GY6 Carburetor will effectively solve the problem of oil leakage, start-up difficulty, inability to accelerate, black smoke.

Performance Parameters

GY6 49CC carburetor For Chinese Made 4-stroke 139QMB 50CC 60CC 80CC PD18J PD19J SCOOTERS and ATV.


Application Areas

High performance GY6 50cc carburetor Compatible with Taotao, Peace, lceberg, Baccio, Gator 50 ATM50,VIP50, Roketa, SUNL, JCL, Qingqi QM50QT-6V,Qingqi QM50QT-4G; Vento,Tank, Wildfire, Boss, Baja SC50, Baja SC50-P, Panterra Retro 50cc, Panterra Fusion 50cc.Panterra Freedom 50cc, CFMoto, Schwinn Laguna 50 cc; Schwinn Hope 50, Kymco Baotian BT50QT-11, X-Treme, Lifan, Verucci, Qingqi, etc.

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