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Motorcycle Throttle Position Sensor TPS For Yamaha Y15ZR 54P-E5401-10

Type :    Throttle Position Sensor                  Package : 100 PCS/ Carton

Color :  Black                                                    Materai:   Plastic

Weight  :0.038KG                                            Fit For      :  Motorcycle

  • 1ST-E3761-00 B17-F6246-00

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Product Description

This black throttle position sensor is a three-in-one sensor, in the production of the left and right two separate design. This Y15ZR motorcycle sensor is mainly mounted on Yamaha electric injection motorcycles, and each sensor corresponds to multiple OEM numbers. We can provide the customer with the OE number and specific parameter values related to the product.

black throttle position sensorblack throttle position sensorblack throttle position sensorblack throttle position sensor

Product Advantage

1.The minimum order quantity of 1.54P-E5401-10 sensor is 10 pieces.

2.B17-F6246-00 sensor has quality problems during the maintenance period, we provide solutions.

3. Our plastic material is generally ABS for production.

4. We can provide corresponding certificates to prove the quality of the products

Company Introduction

Our company is currently designing sensors with different colors, in order to give customers better visual effects and color diversity. At present, our company has improved the color of the black 1ST-E3761-00 sensor through technology, such as red, green and yellow. These colors will be promoted and developed in the future.Our press molding equipment is very advanced, which can produce the best products.

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Packing Transport


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