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Motorcycle Mobylette Bicicleta Moped Bike Carburetor

Type : Carburetor

Package : 50PCS/ Carton

Material: Aluminum Alloy

  • RB-067

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Intake Side Inner Diameter:18.4MM

Intake Side Outer Diameter:27.6MM

Attention:Because all carburetor data are manually measured, there will be a slight error, and all products are based on the actual data obtained by the customer.


1. Compared with large carburetors, the advantage of this carburetor is that it is small and light.

2. In terms of price, you can buy this carburetor with the most acceptable range.

3. Although this carburetor is small in size, it also performs very efficiently.

4. When customers purchase, we will also provide related accessories for customers to use.


The Mobylette Carburetor - the ultimate solution for enhancing the performance of your motorcycle engine. Designed to provide a comprehensive starting system, idle device, medium load device, full load device, and acceleration device, this carburetor ensures a seamless transition for your engine to enter the operational state.

Crafted with precision and expertise, the Mobylette Carburetor guarantees optimal functionality and efficiency. Its complete set of features allows for a smooth and effortless start, ensuring a hassle-free riding experience. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, this carburetor is designed to meet your every need.

With its innovative design and advanced technology, the Mobylette Carburetor offers unparalleled performance and reliability. It undergoes a series of rigorous tests and quality checks to ensure that it exceeds industry standards. Rest assured, this carburetor is built to withstand the toughest conditions, providing you with a reliable and durable solution for your motorcycle engine.

Upgrade your riding experience with the Mobylette Carburetor - the perfect choice for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking top-notch performance and unmatched reliability. Trust in its superior features and enjoy the power and efficiency it brings to your engine. Invest in the Mobylette Carburetor and unlock the true potential of your motorcycle.

Treatment method for carburetor damage

1. Replace the qualified float needle and needle seat assembly.

2. Repair with a float needle seat repairer.

3. After the processing is completed, the top must be polished with flannelette.

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