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Mikuni Super BN I-Series 787 800 XP GSX GTX SPX BN40I-38-27 Carburetor

Type : Carburetor

OEM : BN40I-38-27 / 270500292

Material : Zinc Alloy

  • RB-180-1

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BN40I-38-27 carburetor

Manifold Side Inlet Diameter: 1.57inch

Bolt Hole Installation Distance: 2.99inch

Air Purifier Side Inlet Diameter: 1.88inch

Bolt Hole Installation Distance: 2.44inch

Notes:The surface of this sea-doo carburetor is electroplated black, which makes the appearance more distinctive and the black color is not easy to fall off during use.

Product Content

Introducing the BN40I-38-27 Carburetor, a high-quality and reliable carburetor designed specifically for various Sea-Doo models. With its professional-grade construction and exceptional performance, this carburetor is the perfect choice for Sea-Doo enthusiasts looking to enhance their watercraft's engine efficiency.

Compatible with a range of Sea-Doo models, including the 1995-1997 Sea-Doo 800 XP, 1996-1998 Sea-Doo 787 GSX, 1996-1997 Sea-Doo 787 GTX, 1997-1999 Sea-Doo 787 SPX, 1996-1998 Sea-Doo Challenger, and 1997-1999 Sea-Doo Challenger 1800, this carburetor ensures a seamless fit and optimal functionality for your specific watercraft.

Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, the BN40I-38-27 Carburetor guarantees smooth and efficient fuel delivery, resulting in improved engine performance and overall power. Its robust construction ensures durability and longevity, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted adventures on the water for years to come.

With its professional tone and superior features, this carburetor is the ultimate choice for Sea-Doo enthusiasts seeking a reliable and high-performing upgrade. Don't settle for anything less than excellence – equip your Sea-Doo with the BN40I-38-27 Carburetor and experience enhanced performance like never before.

Replacement OEM Number

Sea-Doo OEM #: 270500292

Mikuni OEM #: BN40I-38-27

WSM OEM #: 13-5053

Suitable For Models

Fit For 1995-1997 Sea-Doo 800 XP

Fit For 1996-1998 Sea-Doo 787 GSX

Fit For 1996-1997 Sea-Doo 787 GTX

Fit For 1997-1999 Sea-Doo 787 SPX

Fit For 1996-1998 Sea-Doo Challenger

Fit For 1997-1999 Sea-Doo Challenger 1800

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