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K45 Walk-Behind Tractor Carburetor

Product Name
К45 Карбюратор
  • RB-225

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K45 Carburetor Product Introduction

Carburetor K45 was produced at the Picard plant in St. Petersburg. For the DM-1 series of engines produced at the Krasny Oktyabr-Neva plant in St. Petersburg. This carburetor produced by our company is an aftermarket product. When equipped with a K45 carburetor, the engine of the DM-1 walk-behind tractor develops 7.5 hp. The K45 carburetor for Neva walk-behind tractors ensures confident starting of the walk-behind tractor engine in all weather conditions, with a stable engine speed in the 800 rpm range. Idle speed up to 3700 rpm per minute. minute. at peak load. The fuel system part is the K45 carburetor, which is easy to maintain and repair.

К45 Карбюратор

Walk-behind tractor Carburetor Profile

The K45 Carburetor in a walk-behind tractor, like in many small engines, serves the purpose of mixing air and fuel in the correct proportion to facilitate combustion in the engine. Here are some key points about the K45 Carburetor in a walk-behind tractor:

Function: The K45 Carburetor's main function is to atomize fuel and mix it with air to create a combustible mixture that can be ignited in the engine's combustion chamber.

Components: A typical K45 Carburetor consists of several components, including a float chamber, a venturi, a throttle plate, a choke mechanism, and various jets and passages for fuel and air flow.

Adjustments: K45 Carburetors often have adjustable settings to fine-tune the air-fuel mixture and engine performance. These adjustments may include the idle speed, idle mixture, and main fuel mixture.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the K45 Carburetor is essential for optimal engine performance. This includes cleaning and inspecting the K45 Carburetor components, checking for any clogs or deposits, and adjusting settings as needed.

Troubleshooting: If the walk-behind tractor is experiencing issues such as hard starting, rough idling, or poor performance, the K45 Carburetor is a common area to inspect. Problems like clogged jets, a stuck float, or improper adjustments can affect the engine's operation.

Replacement: In some cases, if the K45 Carburetor is heavily damaged or worn out, it may need to be replaced with a new or rebuilt unit to restore proper engine function.

It's important to refer to the specific owner's manual or service manual for your walk-behind tractor model for detailed instructions on K45 Carburetor maintenance, adjustments, and troubleshooting procedures. Additionally, seeking assistance from a qualified mechanic or technician can be beneficial if you're not familiar with K45 Carburetor maintenance or repair.

Buy K45 Carburetor for Walk Behind Tractor

Carburetor for Neva walk-behind tractor. Carburetor K45 - This fuel system element is used in engines of the Dm-1 series 317 cm2, which in turn are installed on domestic Neva MB-2 walk-behind tractors.

Advantages of walk-behind tractor carburetor

Russian tractor vehicles (including walk-behind tractors) have several advantages in design and manufacturing, including their use of carburetor systems. These advantages may include:

Adaptation to Harsh Environments: Russian tractors and machinery are generally designed to cope with harsh climate and terrain conditions, so their carburetors may be more durable and adaptable, able to operate stably in various environments.

Simple and reliable: Russian machinery and equipment generally favors simple and reliable designs that are easy to maintain and repair. Its carburetor system may have a simple and easy-to-adjust design, allowing users to maintain it with less expertise.

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