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Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor MAP For Free Motorbike Motorcycle

COLOR  :  BLACK +  Green Gasket
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The signal of the manifold pressure sensor is the same as the signal of the air flow meter, and it is also one of the most important sensors in the EFI motorcycle. Many EFI vehicles use the manifold pressure sensor instead of the air flow meter, which together with the crankshaft position sensor determines the Basic fuel supply for engine work. When the engine is working, the manifold pressure sensor measures the difference between the absolute pressure in the intake manifold and the ambient atmospheric pressure, converting it into a voltage signal, and the computer board calculates the precise intake air volume based on this signal, and then controls the injection. The fuel nozzle outputs fuel injection pulse signals with a certain width, so that the mixture concentration is the best air-fuel ratio.


The air intake grille is made of special materials, and it is energized during work to keep its temperature constant. When the intake air volume changes, the air intake grille is cooled down. At this time, a larger current is needed to raise its temperature. to the original standard temperature, and the required current is proportional to the size of the intake air, thus the size of the intake air can be measured.

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1. The free motorcycle pressure sensor product is small in appearance and light in weight, easy to disassemble and install.

2. This intake manifold pressure sensor is suitable for most EFI motorcycle models.

3. We have strict checks on the appearance of the product, and we will not sell defective products to customers.

4. We have more than ten years of experience in foreign trade, and we have a good reputation.


Q1. What is your minimum order quantity for Free motorcycle pressure sensors?

Our company's minimum order quantity of sensors is 10.

Q2. Do you have after-sales service for your pressure sensors?

All our products have after-sales service.

Q3. May I have a copy of your catalogue?

Yes, it includes the products produced by our company and some new products under development.

Q4. Can you process the products on behalf of you?

We need to discuss this according to the characteristics of the product.

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