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How to maintain Suzuki carburetor?

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The maintenance of Suzuki carburetor is nothing more than cleaning up the impurities blocking the oil passage and measuring hole. If they are blocked, they will directly affect the performance of the whole vehicle. The maintenance can prolong the service life of Suzuki carburetor.

  • How to maintain Suzuki carburetor?

  • When to clean Suzuki carburetor?

  • Can clean Suzuki carburetor by using cleaning agent?

How to maintain Suzuki carburetor?

When you do not use the engine or motorcycle for a long time, be sure to drain the residual oil in the Suzuki carburetor so as not to deteriorate and corrode copper parts, resulting in Suzuki carburetor failure.

Check, clean and maintain the Suzuki carburetor regularly. In general, it is better to find experienced professional maintenance personnel and do not repair or adjust arbitrarily.

The oil level height of Suzuki carburetor float chamber has been finely adjusted and qualified before leaving the factory. Do not adjust it at will to avoid faults, such as oil leakage, black smoke, and poor oil supply.

Non-professionals do not adjust the Suzuki carburetor idle screw.

Check, clean or replace the air filter and fuel filter of oil tank frequently.

When the Suzuki carburetor is not used for a long time, the oil stored in the float chamber shall be drained to prevent the gasoline from deteriorating and gelling, blocking the measuring hole and oil passage, resulting in the scrapping of the Suzuki carburetor.

When cleaning the Suzuki carburetor, do not poke various measuring holes or small channels with metal wires. Soak and clean with clean gasoline or special cleaning agent, and blow out the measuring hole and other parts with compressed air.

When to clean Suzuki carburetor?

When you feel that the acceleration performance of Suzuki carburetor is poor, it is time to clean the Suzuki carburetor to avoid being thankless. It is mainly the internal oil passage and measuring hole of the Suzuki carburetor. After cleaning, check the fuel mixing ratio.

If the Suzuki carburetor is disassembled too much, it will affect the tightness of its internal and peripheral connections, affect the effect of gasoline atomization, and increase fuel consumption.  

The pollution source of the Suzuki carburetor is stored in gasoline, which should be filtered through the filter screen and filter cup on the oil drain switch. After entering the Suzuki carburetor, it will enter the distribution hole after sedimentation in the float chamber. When driving on dusty roads, it should increase the frequency of cleaning.

Can clean Suzuki carburetor by using cleaning agent?

There are two ways of using Suzuki carburetor cleaner. One is immersion brushing method that immerses the parts of Suzuki carburetor to be cleaned in the cleaning agent for 1 to 20 hours. The other is cyclic cleaning method that pours the carbon Suzuki carburetor cleaning agent into the system to be cleaned and cycle for several hours. Draw out the cleaning agent.

The preparation method of Suzuki carburetor cleaning agent is to use 12% methanol, 10% acetone, 38% toluene, and 40% 200# solvent oil.

Prepare the above raw liquid formula, and then add the high-pressure propane as the raw material of the projectile. The ratio of the raw liquid to the projectile is 6:4. Prepare the raw liquid according to the ratio and fill it into the iron tank. Then, fill the projectile into the iron tank, mix it evenly, and package it into a finished Suzuki carburetor.

Cleaning agent can clean carbon and oil stains in the valve, piston, bearing, fuel injection nozzle, cleaning gasoline pump, and throttle of Suzuki carburetor.

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