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How to fix Suzuki carburetor?

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Suzuki carburetor is a mechanical device that mixes a certain proportion of gasoline and air under the vacuum generated by the engine. As a precise mechanical device, Suzuki carburetor realizes the atomization of gasoline by using the kinetic energy of inhaled air flow.

  • When to replace Suzuki carburetor?

  • How to fix Suzuki carburetor?

  • How to assemble Suzuki carburetor?

When to replace Suzuki carburetor?

When there is a problem with the Suzuki carburetor, it needs to be replaced. Problems cause the throttle to be unstable, be unable to refuel, endless combustion, serious failure to start, weak driving, and serious carbon deposition in the valve gasket and spark plug due to the inability to filter the impurities in the gasoline. If Suzuki carburetor is dirty, spray the filter element with a gasoline gun. Replace Suzuki carburetor with a new one if it is broken.  

When the Suzuki carburetor of a car breaks down, there will be many phenomena, such as no idle speed, black smoke, and lack of oil.

How to fix Suzuki carburetor?

Check the flatness of the upper and middle shells of the Suzuki carburetor on the flat plate. The gap shall not exceed 0.2mm. Otherwise, it shall be padded with fine abrasive cloth for grinding.

The fit between throttle shaft and shaft hole of Suzuki carburetor shall not be too loose. The clearance shall not be greater than 0.1mm. Otherwise, it shall be repaired by hanging tin or adding copper sleeve.

When the throttle valve is completely closed, its edge and inner wall should be tight. If it is not closed tightly, the idle speed of Suzuki carburetor will be increased and the fuel consumption will be increased. If the edge gap is more than 0.1mm, tap the throttle edge with a small hammer to expand its diameter, and then trim it with a file to make it tight.

Put the float in hot water at 80 to 90℃. If bubbles appear, the Suzuki carburetor float is damaged and should be replaced. If the metal float is sunken, a metal wire can be welded at the sunken part to flatten it, and then the metal wire can be removed.

Inspection of tightness of float chamber needle valve of Suzuki carburetor shall be carried out on special instruments. If the oil inlet needle valve is not tightly closed, grind it or replace it with a new one.

How to assemble Suzuki carburetor?

After cleaning, inspection and repair, the Suzuki carburetor parts shall be reassembled in the reverse order of disassembly. During assembly, pay attention to the following points.

During assembly, drip a little oil into the throttle shaft and choke shaft of Suzuki carburetor for lubrication.

The choke valve and throttle valve of Suzuki carburetor shall be able to be fully opened or closed. The pulling shall be flexible. Otherwise, the operating mechanism shall be adjusted.

The gaskets of each part shall be complete and the oil and air holes shall be aligned with each other. The binding bolts shall be tightened evenly, crosswise and symmetrically with appropriate tightness.

There shall be no oil leakage, air leakage and other phenomena after reassembly.

Install the Suzuki carburetor on the engine, and correctly connect each vacuum hose and wire.

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