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How to clean Suzuki carburetor?

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The normal maintenance of the Suzuki carburetor is actually to maintain the cleanliness of the Suzuki carburetor. This is controlled as a key index of Suzuki carburetor quality evaluation with various advanced equipment and processes.

  • How to check the shell of Suzuki carburetor?

  • What is the cleaning agent used for Suzuki carburetor?

  • How to clean Suzuki carburetor?

How to check the shell of Suzuki carburetor?

The Suzuki carburetor shell shall be intact and free from cracks. If there are gaps or cracks in the Suzuki carburetor shell, it can be bonded with epoxy resin adhesive. When the screw hole wire is damaged, increase the screw hole to repair or replace the Suzuki carburetor.  

The flatness error of the joint plane of the upper body and lower body of the Suzuki carburetor shell shall not be greater than 0.1mm. When checking, lean the bonding plane against the flat plate and measure it with a thickness gauge. The flatness error shall not be greater than 0.10mm. If it is out of tolerance, it will cause air leakage and oil leakage, affecting the oil output and oil pressure. Therefore, if the specified requirements are exceeded, the fine abrasive cloth can be placed on the flat plate for grinding. Otherwise, replace new Suzuki carburetor.

What is the cleaning agent used for Suzuki carburetor?

Suzuki carburetor cleaning agent is made of the most advanced formula and special raw materials. It is mainly used for cleaning amorphous carbon deposits and graphite carbon deposits on various workpieces, Suzuki carburetor and engines.

The main function of Suzuki carburetor cleaning agent is to remove the rust and adhesion in the carburetor. Because there is a certain pressure in its own nozzle, it can also be used to blow through the fuel injection holes in the carburetor. However, due to its strong corrosion ability, it is not suitable to use it to clean the rubber parts in the carburetor, such as sealing rubber ring, and throttle valve of vacuum carburetor. These things are easy to deform and damage when they are stuck with cleaning agent. Generally, it is only used when there is sticky silk in the carburetor and it is difficult to remove it. For ordinary cleaning carburetor, it is best to use the air pump to drive the high-pressure air gun to blow through each channel.

How to clean Suzuki carburetor

The Suzuki carburetor shall be cleaned in a clean place.

First, wipe the outer surface of the Suzuki carburetor. The special cleaning agent for Suzuki carburetor or industrial gasoline can be used for the cleaning of internal parts. In addition to impurities, pay attention to cleaning the gasoline colloid on the surface of parts. The cleaned parts shall be purged with compressed air and shall not be wiped with cloth or paper that will produce burrs to prevent re pollution. It is forbidden to poke the blocked small hole with hard objects, such as steel wire to prevent the change of Suzuki carburetor performance caused by changing the hole diameter. It should be washed out with gasoline or compressed air.  

In the process of cleaning the Suzuki carburetor, if more sediment is found in the Suzuki carburetor float chamber, it is often caused by the failure of the gasoline filter. At this time, check the gasoline filter. If it is confirmed that it is invalid, clean or replace it with a new gasoline filter.

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