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Honda TITAN160 FAN160 Motorcycle Idle Air Control Valve Steeper Motor

Type  :  Idle Stepper Motor
Material  :  Plastic (ABS)
Include  :  Stepper Motor + Gasket
OEM  :  Logo .Pattern .Letter
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TITAN160 idle air control valve is also known as titan160 pulse motor. FAN160 stepper motor is an open-loop control motor that converts electrical pulse signals into angular displacement or linear displacement. The most common stepper motor is an electromechanical device that directly converts the generated electrical pulse signal into mechanical motion, which is applied to the motor through mechanical control. The sequence, frequency and number of electric pulses on the coil can realize the control of the direction, speed and angle of the stepper motor. So the fan160 idle air control valve plays the same role as the stepper motor.


Function  :  Idle Stepper Motor / Idle Air Control Valve

Net Weight : 0.0348KG

Packaging Style  : Plastic Bag + White Box.

Fit For  :Honda TITAN160(2015-2017 , 2018-2019),Honda FAN160(2018-2019),Honda CG160(2018-2019).

RB-MT0001 尺寸RB-MT0001 (3)RB-MT0001 (2)RB-MT0001 (5)RB-MT0001 (4)


The stepper motor is firmly installed, and the quality problems of the product will not occur due to the twists and turns of the road conditions. It can effectively protect the engine and ensure the normal use and operation of the engine. In order to make the pulse signal transmission faster, we have further optimized the processing of the product to ensure that our products can be more in line with the original standard.


In terms of important price and quality, we recommend customers to buy TITAN160 Stepper Motor in bulk. Because of the bulk purchase, our company can further give customers preferential product prices according to the size of the purchase. We are still upgrading the performance of our products, and we believe that we will have better products for customers in the future.

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