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Honda ATC200X ATC 200X 35200-HB5-020 Left Handlebar Switch

Switch Type : Kill Switch
Material : Plastic
Price : 6.99 - 10 $ 
  • //RB-SW#2

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Honda ATC200 is a three-wheeled all-terrain vehicle that started in 1981. As the top model among the three-wheeled ATC, ATC200X retains all the functions of the previous models. Over a six-year production run, a total of six variants were made, often sold at the same time. Similarly, the sales of atc200x handlebar switch are also increasing day by day. As the handlebar switch is a product that is easily damaged, its replacement is essential. The atc 200x handlebar switch corresponds to the international model 35200-HB5-020.


Manufacturer Product Part :

35200-HB5-000 35200-HB5-010 35200-HB5-020

Feature : OEM specification, installation replacement, plug and go

Function: 1.Switch Engine Stop 2.Switch Headlight On Off 3.Switch Headlight Hi Lo

Fitment :

For Honda ATC200X A 1986

For Honda ATC200X A 1987

ATC200X 功能FX_11453FX_114615FX_11470


If there are quality problems of the product under normal use within six months, such as: shell damage, key failure and other quality problems, you can contact us at any time, and we will provide you with a solution as soon as possible. There are complete after-sales services to help customers solve problems.


Q1. Please tell me the price of ATC200X handlebar switch?

The unit price is US$10, and the price is US$6.99 each for more than 500 pieces.

Q2. What is the method of payment?

We support a variety of payment methods according to customer requirements.

Q3. Does your company provide samples?

This is absolutely fine.

Q4. Can I do customized service of products?

Our customized service requires customers to have a certain amount of purchase.

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