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Honda 16430-K35-V01 PCX150 Motorcycle Idle Stepper Motor Air Control Valve

Type  : Stepper Motor
Material  :  Plastic (ABS)
OEM  : Logo .Pattern .Letter
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16430-K35-V01 The pivot of the idle air control valve extends into the bypass air passage, the air flow is adjusted through the bypass air passage, the engine controller adjusts the engine's pcx150 idle motor idle air control valve by moving the pivot of the automatic pcx 150 according to each The input signal of the sensor enters and exits the bypass air channel.As the ignition key is turned to the ON position, the 16430-K97-T01 idle stepper motor starts to work. The switch signal is input to the ECU, and the real-time position of the motor is fed back to the ECU through the motor position sensor.


No.OE : 16430-K35-V01 16430-K97-T01

Single Weight : 0.0264KG

Manner of packing : Plastic Ziploc Bag + White Paper Box

Color : Black

Fit For(Adaptation) : PCX125 (2015-2017),PCX150 (2015-2016),FORZA125 (2015-2017),HONDA Sonic 150 CB150 RS150 RS125 WINNER 125 150 (2015-Now)

RB-MT0007尺寸步进电机 尺寸2RB-MT0007 (1)RB-MT0007 (2)


1. The 16430-K35-V01 idle speed stepper motor is produced according to the original product.

2. The 16430-K97-T01 idle air control valve has a very long service life.

3.PCX150 stepper motor is small in shape, easy to carry and easy to replace.

4. Our company's research and development on motorcycle sensors is very mature.


Q1.16430-K35-V01 idle stepper motor price how?

Right now we're selling it at $17- $20 a pop.

Q2. What's the difference between this product and the original one?

We designed the mold according to the original design and used the best ABS material.

Q3. How soon can you ship the 16430-K97-T01 Stepper Motor?

We can ship it within seven days at the soonest.

Q4. Do you have after-sales guarantee for your products?

Please rest assured, our products are guaranteed, stand in the customer's point of view.

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